**Nail-a-palooza Photo Submission

**Nail-a-palooza Photo Submission Information

Release forms:



Nailpro Nailapalooza E-Competitions is providing you with a Photo Information Form and various other forms that must be filled out, signed, photographed or scanned and e-mailed with your submission to Nailapolozacomps@gmail.com.  Photos may be attached, zipped or included in e-mail.  Forms must be signed by all of the following people:  Check off the forms as you sign them.


______The photographer(s) who took the photos (“Non-Exclusive Photography License”).

______The model(s) who appear in the photos (“Model Release”).

______The technician, (“Technician Release”).


Absence of completed and signed forms or incomplete will automatically eliminate your submission!


MUST sign the “Model Release form”.  If they are under 18 they must also have their parents or guardian sign the (“Ratification by Parent or Guardian of Minor”) Please make sure your models have great hands.




Please use the following as your criteria: Resolution MUST be 300 dpi. 5 x 7

**IMAGE DELIVERY:  Please choose a delivery method that will allow you to upload and send your images.  You must tell us how many photos you sent in your email.  We have no way of knowing if you send less than 5.  Please confirm we have received them.  It is your responsibility.


All submissions must be sent to nailapalooza@nailpro-ee.com



A professional photographer is not necessary for your submission.  A professional photographer will best represent your hard work and greatly increase your chances for winning the Nailpro Nailapalooza E-Competition. If a professional photographer is used they must sign and return a Non-Exclusive Photography License.


You must submit 5 specific photos of your work photographs of all signed appropriate documents. Examples below.

The 5 photo requirements are for Extension Competition: (samples are below) all photos to be shot with black or white background only.


1.         Presentation – Hands crossed right over left and shot from above

2.         “C” Curve – camera angle is that of someone looking at the nails from the distal edge to the cuticle.

3 & 4   2 photos. Sides both left and right.  Camera angle is from the side of the right hand and the left hand and then reversed.

5.         Overall – Both hands on a flat black surface, camera angle is from above.


The 5 photo requirements For Nail Art work: (samples are below)


1.          Presentation – Nail Art all 10 nail tips in frame as tight as possible

2.         3 photos close up A, B, C Each a different part of the entry.

3.         1 photo – close up of the most detailed section you want us to see closely

Photo Shoot Guidelines


Be sure the photos are in focus.  Use a tripod if necessary.  Experiment with settings on the camera for the best presentation of your work.



Photos: 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 inches only.  Smaller photos will not be allowed.


SAVE Photo Files as:


Tiff or JPEG 300 DPI



Technician Initials-competition (Hand positions)


VK-HPNA-Presentation, VK-HPNA-1Closeup, VK-HPNA-2Closeup, VK-HPNA-3Closeup VK- 3-D-4Closeup, VK- 3-D5Detail.

VK-Sculptured Nail1-Presentation, VK-SalonSuccess-2 “C” Curves, VK-Sculptured Nail-3 RightSide,VK-FreeStyle Sculptured -4 LeftSide, JVK-French Twist-5 Overall VK- etc.

Your headshot photo head shot should be named Example:

VK – Viktoriia Klopotova – Headshot Technician-Nailapalooza


Deadline  by midnight until February 15, 2020

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