Судья Чемпионата Восточной Европы NAILPRO EEu

Aleksandra John-Gołąb (Poland)

How many years ago did you come into the nail industry?

My adventure with nail styling has started 10 yeras ago.

What profession did you do before?

I graduated the Academy of Physical Education and I am a teacher.

What are the most significant achievements in your career?

Nail styling and sport are my passions and thanks to them I  can realize in my life. My greatest achievement of my stylist’s career is the participation in NailPro training session and become a  judge in such a prestigious championship organized all over the world.

What is your typical day?

How does my day look like? In the morning I work at school. In the afternoon I serve my clients in my beauty parlor. Weekends are for my trainees — I conduct training sessions in Poland as well as abroad.

What are you like most?

I wish I could realize my passions because nothning can give me more freedom in my life.

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