Судья Чемпионата Восточной Европы NAILPRO EEu

Ruslana Mazanko (Ukraine)

How many years ago did you come into the nail industry?

I came to the nail industry nine years ago.

What profession did you do before?

Beforewards I was a teacher of English.

What are the most significant achievements in your career?

When 9 years ago I gave a birth to my little daughter my life totally changed and I started doing nails. After that my work became my hobby.

What is your typical day?

My usual working day starts at 7 or 8 o’clock. I start work with my clients after that I have students. I spend a lot of time at my work. I have only one weekend and I try to spend it with my daughter.

What are you like most?

Most of all I dream to work only with the students because my clients get much time of my life (my working day lasts till ten o’clock and  sometimes even later). My hobbies are sport, travelling and visit concerts of the famous singers.

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